Talulah Ruger vertical pose

A minister and retired career Oncology nurse, Talulah’s passion for making a difference in the lives of people and seeing them transformed from the inside out, stems from her personal and professional life experiences. With over 22 years of vocational ministry experience in the church and 30 years of oncology nursing experience, she thrives in intergenerational and diverse settings and has mentored and coached many adults in their spiritual and personal lives. Talulah also served on staff at a local church for over nine years as the Director Median Adults and Women’s Spiritual Mentoring. She earned a master’s degree in Christian Education/Church Education Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary and a master’s degree in Nursing/Gerontology from the University of Texas HealthScience Center, Houston.

Bible Teacher/Speaker

Talulah has a zeal for teaching God’s Word and sharing the practical application of biblical principles in day-to-day life. She often speaks, including excerpts of her life journey as examples of what God can do through us when we believe and trust Him to be God. Her heart for teaching, encouraging, and equipping women fuels her desire to guide women in mentoring and supporting other women. A “Baby Boomer,” Talulah teaches and speaks to people 50 and older to inspire and motivate them to maximize their faith and life experiences for intergenerational mentoring and service. Talulah is an instructor for the Opened Bible Academy (OBA), a non-profit, donor supported organization dedicated to transforming hearts and changing lives through biblical and theological training.

50+ Ministry

Helps churches assess, evaluate, reimagine, and plan ministry to and for people 50 and older with an emphasis on current and future needs, mobilizing for intergenerational mentoring and service.

Women’s Mentoring

Talulah’s authentic love and concern for others enables her to connect with women in a personal way. She uses her years of experience leading, coaching, and mentoring women to help churches and organizations develop a strategy for implementing and sustaining a women’s mentoring program.