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Welcome to Talulah Ruger Ministries blog. I am excited to launch this weekly blog as a vehicle to discuss some of the concerns and interests of 50 and older people while connecting with and encouraging them to live life on purpose. Although my focus is on a specific life span (50 and older), this blog is for all people; men, women, old, young, and people of all ethnicities. Be sure that if you are younger and keep living, you too will experience these life stages in your very own and unique way. As a follower of Christ, my guiding principles for living are rooted and grounded in biblical truth.


According to US Census Bureau 2019 data, there are about 116.9 million people age fifty and older. Fifty-three percent of that number is women.

Never before in our history has such a massive number of adults entered into the later years of life. Not only are they living and working longer, but many are also healthy, energetic, and actively involved with family, church, and community. There is an opportunity right now to channel the potential and life experiences of this multigenerational cohort. Together we can continue growing, make disciples for Christ, mobilize our capabilities to serve each other and the next generation through intergenerational mentoring.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the recent Arctic blast that crippled Texas and other states are reminders of the fragility, vulnerability, and uncertainty of life. We have witnessed the faces of loneliness, isolation, despair, and sometimes hopelessness. But we have also seen the power of the people coming together, encouraging and helping each other. There is hope! The message of “we need each other” is on full display daily. It’s been on blast for a long time. I invite you to join me in responding to the challenge to help shape futures and change live.

“You must decide if you are going to rob the world or bless it with the rich, valuable, potent, untapped resources locked away within you.” – Myles Munroe