“The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.”   Proverbs 15:3, NIV

My daily routine begins with an early morning walk. It is my time to exercise, meditate, talk to God through prayer and enjoy greeting people that I meet along the way. Thursday, October 14, started like any other day. But a sidewalk misstep would bring a Good Samaritan and my neighbors into my life to remind me of God’s unfailing love for me through His protection.

A Sidewalk Fall

The cool temperature made it a perfect morning for walking. My route takes me past the four school crossing guards and the elementary school in my neighborhood. I greeted the guards and prayed for all the students, faculty, and staff as I passed the school. Feeling energized, I was near the end of my walk, about a half-mile from home. In seconds, I went from walking to a fall that was a face plant to the sidewalk. There was an uneven area in the sidewalk that I tripped over. I vividly remember feeling my face hit the concrete and saying, “Jesus help me.”  There are usually other people out in the morning, but nobody was around—just God and me.

Stunned and dizzy from the blow, I could feel my watch buzzing on my arm. When I lifted my hand, the watch screen gave me a message, “It looks like you took a hard fall, SOS, and I’m OK.” I must admit; I had not learned all the functions of the Apple watch gifted to me by my daughter and her husband a month ago. So, I was thinking, Smartwatch, you are right! I fell, I need SOS, and I am not OK. My nose and mouth were bleeding, but I was able to raise myself to sit. At that moment, I saw a car, and I started waving at the car for help.

A Good Samaritan

The man in the car pulled over, got out, and came over to help. I am usually highly cautious with strangers, but I felt no uneasiness or fear of this man. He retrieved my cell phone, which flew yards ahead of me when I fell. He helped me up from the sidewalk, walked me to his car, and drove me home. He even offered to take me to the emergency room, but instead, I asked if he would go across the street and get my neighbors. He did as I requested and came back with my neighbor. He walked me to my neighbor’s car and helped me get into the front seat. His name is Andrew; the God sent Good Samaritan and angel unaware whose steps were guided by God, to help me. God protected me.

Good Neighbors

I was off to the Emergency Room (ER) with my neighbor Rink. His wife Barbara called while we were on the way. I have known them since I moved into the subdivision 13 years ago. They are great neighbors and friends. I knew they would not hesitate in helping me. There were few people in the ER, and I was grateful. My CT Imaging studies of the brain, face, and cervical spine results showed no broken bones or visible internal injury. I was sore, my forehead, nose, and upper lip swollen, my right hand and knee aching from scraping the sidewalk, and my upper teeth and gums were hurting. But I rejoiced in the Lord. I realized that the outcome of the fall was one of God’s miracles. It could have been much worst. Released from the ER, my neighbor, Barbara, drove me home. While in the ER, she communicated with my daughter, who left work to meet me. I thank God for my neighbors and the love and kindness they showed in helping. Barbara shared that Andrew, the Good Samaritan, came by the next day to see how I was doing. People need other people because we are truly better together.



God’s Protection

On Monday, October 18, I visited my primary care doctor and my dentist. Both were amazed that I did not break any bones. In addition, the x-ray of my upper teeth showed no break or chipping. The pain and inability to bite down on food were from the trauma of the impact. Today, I am still sore in a few areas but recovering well. I will not even try to spiritualize falling. Adversity happens, but adversity does not mean the absence of God. I can see the power, presence, and protection of God in my life from the events of October 14. He used a stranger and my neighbors to remind me that He is always with me.

Unfortunately, we are living in a world where people question the existence and sovereignty of God. In addition, society and the media may portray an image of people who do not care and who do not know what “loving your neighbor as yourself” really means. I love God! I do not base my love for Him on my emotions or circumstances but on the knowledge of who He is and that He first loved me.

I pray that sharing my testimony blesses, encourages, and reminds you of how much God loves you and that He is with you in all circumstances. In the words of Jeremiah, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lam. 3:22-23 (ESV)